Send feature
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Send Money for Free

From User-to-User

Conveniently send 21+ currencies from
one sync. account
to another with no fees.
Immediately pay other sync. users or split bills using
the sync. app.

Send feature
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Exchange, Send

and Withdraw

Crypto Instantly

Exchange, send and withdraw crypto currencies easily and instantly.

Exchange crypto currencies for traditional currencies at the best rates. Send crypto currencies to other sync. users instantly. Withdraw crypto currencies directly to your bank account hassle-free.

Exchange Crypto feature
Exchange Crypto feature
QR feature
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QR Payments

In Stores
and to Users.

A Convenient Way to Pay

Pay securely in-stores, online and to other sync. users
with your mobile device using QR Codes.
Also pay without needing the
details of another sync. user.

QR feature
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Simplify your Bills

Easily Pay Your Standard Utility Bills or Top-Up Services

Pay utility bills, mobile top ups and so much more directly from your sync. app by simply setting up
direct debits, standing orders
and recurring transfers.

bill statement
bill feature
get rewarded feature
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Get Rewarded in Cash

everytime you spend

The more payments you make with the sync. app and
theXcard, the more rewards
you get.
It's that simple.

get rewarded feature

Our Blockchain Technology

By implementing blockchain into our platform, we have created a greater level of security for your account and personal data. Using blockchain,
we give you the power to use
traditional and digital currencies interchangeably.

Instant Settlements

Utilising Smart Contracts technology, financial
transactions will be conducted and processed
through our private blockchain


All client data/confident information will be stored
on our private chain reducing the
risk of unauthorised
and data corruptions


Once a transaction is written to a blockchain it
cannot be modified, a complete history of
transactions can be seen from
the Genesis block


The inability to modify a transaction held on
blockchain allows users and regulators to trace the
sources and movements
of funds instantly


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