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Transfer Money

to a Bank Account

by Comparing Money

Transfer Companies

Sending money directly to a bank account?

No matter who or where you’re transferring money to,
with the help of sync. find out which provider has the
best rates, transfer speed, or your other needs.

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from 250+ currency routes

Whether you’re transferring money from the United States
to the United Kingdom
or vice versa, it doesn’t matter.

Our 33+ partners can transfer money to the most popular
destinations or even to
the most exotic places.

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filter to find
the provider you need

Through our comprehensive filter system, you will be able
to choose the transfer company that best suits your needs.
Filter by selecting your speed of transfer, payment method, delivery method and many more.

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through your
selected provider

Transfer easily without having to fill out lengthy paperwork and verification forms. Transfer whenever and wherever.

Feel confident knowing you have chosen
the best option.

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Transfer Money

for Instant Cash Pickup

Send money overseas to your family, friends, simply for
a payment or for an emergency.
We help you find and compare the providers at the best rates and speed of
your cash delivery.

You can transfer money on your laptop, mobile phone or
in-store by locating the closest high street provider through our
sync. app so you can make your transaction seamlessly.
Pick up your money instantly at numerous cash pickup locations worldwide.

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We Find you the Best Exchange Rates

By comparing FX Bureuas, money agents, banks
post office, supermarkets and more...

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Disrupting Soon

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sync. app is soon available on
Apple iOS and Google Android stores.

Our Blockchain Technology

By implementing blockchain into our platform, we have created a greater level of security for your account and personal data. Using blockchain,
we give you the power to use
traditional and digital currencies interchangeably.

Instant Settlements

Utilising Smart Contracts technology, financial
transactions will be conducted and processed
through our private blockchain


All client data/confident information will be stored
on our private chain reducing the
risk of unauthorised
and data corruptions


Once a transaction is written to a blockchain it
cannot be modified, a complete history of
transactions can be seen from
the Genesis block


The inability to modify a transaction held on
blockchain allows users and regulators to trace the
sources and movements
of funds instantly


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